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admin June 27, 2016

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Minimalist design of living room is now famous. It is such most wanted design searched by urban people. It is be loved by people because the simple design suits the living room well. Another reason is that you no need to put the excessive decorations on it. So, for you who don’t have too much time for designing your living room, you’ll be happy to find it. Home interior is always something fun to be told and read. Then, why don’t you just keep reading.
Creating minimalist living room is so easy, the wall covered by plain color. The common color paint is white, grey and red. White is the symbol of cleanness and calmness. Those situations will be found if you have installed minimalist design in your living room. Colors take a role in this design. You better know which color you want to apply. Basically, designing living room is easy when you have known about the mixture of each stuff such as the walls color with the furniture and the walls color with the wall decorations.
Let’s take an example, the fancy minimalist living room with feminine touch. As you can see on the picture, the living room contains of white comfortable sofas. There is no wall decoration at all because they want to give the true cleanness aura to their living room. The table is well selected, the semicircle table with round on it. There is a unique lamp on the ceiling. It gives romantic atmosphere when it turns on. The whole room is white, except the plant and the wooden floor.

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