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admin June 22, 2016

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Then we will look at different ideas to decorate the living room paint colors in gray. When choose colors to decorate the hall had to choose the most suitable and which you like. If we choose the gray, below are examples of the different ideas and decorations to decorate the living room in gray.

Ideas to decorate a gray:

Transformation sitting in the room

We have a larger space and to describe the different areas we are going to play with color. Combine gray in different shades of white and our great room with dining area and a relaxation area.

Update your living room

In this case the goal is to give a more modern feel to the room. For this, besides giving a new look to the furniture also painted the walls gray tone is very light. This will combine with the color white and so in addition to renewing our view would make it look more modern.

Renew Life

We will update the decor of the living room paint colors in full and provide a new look. In this way we will have a comfortable and enjoyable. The colors have chosen for the walls shades of gray. And to combine all night lights black and white furniture and other accessories.

Relaxing room

This time, thanks to the color of the gray walls and white furniture combined with white room which we were very relaxed. As the protagonists live, we put a chair with more brilliant colors.

Gaudi room style

We had a room that is outdated and we want to give a new look. This, plus a modern piece of furniture will also change the color of the walls. Finally, we provide a personal touch with Gaudi style characterized by a spectacular coffee table.

Modern living

The gray color is being widely used to give a touch of modernity to the classroom. On this occasion, the walls are painted gray and white. At the white and gray walls combine with gray furniture and wood furniture.

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