Landscaping Backyard Design Ideas With Pool

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Backyard Design Ideas With Pool – Create a paradise in your own backyard by selecting the right plants to grow around your pool and even simplify maintenance and landscape. The landscape around a pool can create a sense of intimacy and complete your backyard’s style, creating the feeling that it was always there, rather than something you installed. The perfect plants can hide essential equipment like pool filters and pumps as well, making things much neater.

Basic Elements of Design

Unity, balance, proportion and variety are the four basic elements of design when considering different landscape backyard design ideas with pool and plant options. These are set to use a combination of plants in pots as well as planted in the surface of the soil. Each unit, or how plants are placed together, is the first element of a good landscape design. Also consider how they will fit in with the existing pools and facilities in your backyard. Balance is the next most important element because it affects the overall appearance and it can be either symmetrical or asymmetrical. Symmetrical means that both sides are exactly the same, while asymmetrical landscape designs use a variety of plants with different colors, shapes, and textures on both sides of the pool and yard. Variety refers to the type of plants you choose. They might be the same or different in nature, but keep in mind the size and height they will require to grow properly. For the best range, choose between three and five different plants for each side. The ratio is basically the size you have come to the plant. Make sure none of the plants will grow up to dominate the other plants or throw off your backyard design ideas with pool landscaping.

Avoid potential hazards

Good backyard design ideas with pool landscaping can sometimes come at the cost of breaking electrical lines or water and falling plant debris. This can certainly put a damper on the green areas in a garden and swimming pool you have put so much work into. These potential dangers are easily avoided if you take the time to do things right the first time. Before planting anything, contact the local utility companies, including the Water Company, cable provider, and phone company. Be sure to talk with both the gas and electricity companies too. Even if you have no utility service, lines from your neighbor might be run through your yard. Most service companies are willing to come out and mark the spot where their lines are so you do not accidentally cut through them.

The next thing on backyard design ideas with pool is to pay attention to the wind direction. Avoid planting trees, shrubs or flowers in an area where the wind always blows unless you would like plant debris in the pool. Finally, consider any future maintenance. It would be a shame to grow a plant for many years and then give up, just because your pool requires maintenance and the plant has fallen by the wayside.

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