6 Mistakes We Should Not Commit In Our Kitchen Design

adminAugust 8, 2016
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Every time we face the design of a home, we know the growing importance given to space the kitchen. No matter how different can be our way of life, in the end many of our domestic activities will be developed in the kitchen? To do this we want to raise today 6 mistakes to avoid […]

Retro Wooden Kitchen Table in Wooden Kitchen Island

adminJuly 16, 2016
elc blue retro wooden kitchen
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Kitchen is like a heaven for people who love cooking. The design of a kitchen determines the mood of cooking activities. The various designs of kitchen have appeared in this modern world. Modern kitchen is the most searched by modern people, but there are still some of them look for the retro ones. Retro kitchen […]

Perfect Modern Kitchen Bar Ideas

adminJuly 14, 2016
kitchen bar stools
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The average kitchen is boring, right? Adding some modern touches in the kitchen is always a great idea, and is an easy way to give a completely new look to your home. A kitchen bar is one of the best features you can add or upgrade. These are very common in modern homes across the […]

Outdoor Kitchen Design Ideas

adminJuly 13, 2016
outdoor kitchen and fireplace
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Having time in a kitchen is such a joy for you who like cooking much. Do your ever be bored of your cooking activity? I bet you don’t, because cooking must be your hobby. Then, you must be bored with your ordinary kitchen, right? You should get your new design of your kitchen as soon […]

Most of Beautiful Kitchen Design

adminJuly 9, 2016
beautiful kitchen design ideas
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Like every Sunday, get to do a review of the most interesting ideas that we have been decorative blogosphere, focusing this week on beautiful kitchens design for inspiration. Like the one you can see in the photo that heads this article, we have found the blog Vintage & Chic, and having a black and white […]