6 Mistakes We Should Not Commit In Our Kitchen Design

admin August 8, 2016

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Every time we face the design of a home, we know the growing importance given to space the kitchen. No matter how different can be our way of life, in the end many of our domestic activities will be developed in the kitchen? To do this we want to raise today 6 mistakes to avoid in the kitchen design.

  1. Do not obstruct the work triangle called. The work triangle in the kitchen is made up of the refrigerator, the sink and the hob itself. This area is the most active and we must take more care when planning the layout, avoiding long distance together these elements, as well as avoid obstacles interposed between them.
  2. Avoiding the lack of lighting. Lighting is one of the great forgotten actors in the design of our homes, in our blog we have already spoken of the importance of good lighting for our homes. And the kitchen is a space that we should not afford to have poor lighting, because in her kitchen utensils use sharp and dangerous.
  3. Do not forget good ventilation. Both the use of a good extractor, how to design the kitchen with natural ventilation must be something essential in our .
  4. Do not forget storage space. Usually a lot of furniture, utensils, food and housecleaning are also inside the kitchen, which is why we need a lot of storage space and we also consider it to be easily accessible.
  5. Ignore No on countertop workspace. Many times we find kitchens that do not have a length to the work surface. All the activities we do in the kitchen require a countertop, which should be adjusted this need to our kitchen.
  6. Do not forget to protect the walls of our kitchen. Good for budget or for aesthetic, often waives the adequate protection of the vertical faces of our kitchen design, especially in the areas of the fires or the sink.

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